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As of May 1, 2012, Liberty Equestrian has a Center again as well as a partner and addition to our name! We will be going by Liberty Equestrian Training Center and Dressage Services, LLC. We want to shorten that to Liberty Equestrian eventually!

We have added Marta Bergstrom, a long-time customer and friend, to our nucleus family as well.

The barn we have been boarding at became our total responsibility through a lease with the owner of the property. The previous renter was unable to continue their business due to job and family constraints. We are now located a short distance from Madison.

So, here we are once again, with a place to run as we have done in the past. Unexpected but very exciting!

We are now able to care for horses as we are very accustomed to, with "full service" care and training.

Though our emphasis is on "classical horsemanship" and using dressage principles in training, many disciplines and all breeds are welcome.

January, 2011

We are now located 1/4 mile north of I-94 on Oak Park Road, near Marshall, WI.

This facility offers all the wonderful amenities you and your horse might want. It is located on 70 acres with a lovely ridge as the back drop, and has a geothermal heated, 21-stall barn with indoor and outdoor sand arenas, accessibility to your horse 24/7, as well as experienced, professional, and individualized care for the discerning horse owner. Please see "Facility" for prices and more information.

Wayne H. Kiehnau specializes in staring young horses and is known as a "professionals professional" as well as getting your horse into the show ring with confidence. He is currently accepting long term and short term clients. (JJ Tate has stated, "You can always tell a horse started by Wayne; they are on your seat aides from the start and love their jobs.").

Gail J. Kelln works with riders from beginning to coaching FEI. She is very classical in approach, technique and application. She will continue to refresh your seat as well as help you become an advanced thinking rider, teaching you to diagnose and apply the correct exercises to improve and increase you and your horse's athleticism. As a tribute to maintain Classical Horsemanship, lunge lessons are interjected at all stages. (Major Lindgren once said while conducting the instructor's workshop at Liberty, "You mark your students - they have good seats and do not interfere in the horse's movement!").

As part of the Liberty Equestrian Training Center and Dressage Services, LLC's future, we intend on providing clinics with national and international clinicians.

Different training and lesson programs are available plus affordable board. Please see "Programs" for more information or email us at for more information.

A place to relax, learn, and know your horse is cared for!