Liberty Equestrian Training center and Dressage Services, LLC


Service with a smileLiberty Equestrian Training Center and Dressage Service, LLC is a full service facility located in Marshall, WI (a short drive from the Madison area) that offers a full range of training services, which utilze the classical principles of Dressage and Classical Horsemanship.


We feel, and have proven, that utilizing these principles allow the owners the versatility to pursue the discipline that best suits them and their horse. We will also continue to advance both horses and their owners in pursuit of their dressage aspirations from beginning to FEI.

Prices start at $475 (plus tax) per month.

All programs include full service board, handling for the vet and farrier (scheduled by Liberty), spontaneous schooling sessions and all ammenities offered by Liberty.

Instruction or Maintenance Program (Gail J. Kelln or Wayne Kiehnau)

These lessons are non-refundable and must be on a regular running schedule.

(Individual and haul-in lessons are also available. Contact us for further information).

Gail's nursing and vet tech education, as well as past riding expertise, contribute to her knowledge of both equine and human physiiology which she uses to convey in your lesson, not only what to do but why and how it will affect the partnership with you and your horse. She works as an interpreter from horse to rider and rider to horse, givin you incredible insight to what you are feeling, how you should decipher it and respond to it.

Gail is dedicated and loyal to "Classical Dressage and Horsemanship." She has had the honor of working with and sharing philosophies with trainers like Charles de Kunffy, Major LIndgren, Col. Albrecht Von Ziegner and even an opportunity to ride with the late Reiner Klimke.

While her philosophy and application are Classical, her approach and technique fulfills many riders need for the "why's and how's" in their riding.

She starts with lunging the rider (when possible) as a tool to help develop a cohesive seat and balanced posture. These lunging sessions will also be interjected occasionally to help maintain your seat at all levels of riding.

All sessinos are done individually so you will receive Gail's exclusive attention. Duration of sessions is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Included in the fee is spontaneous help sessions if Gail perceives you are having difficulties when you are riding on your own. There is strong encouragement to observe other student sessions as well as joining discussions regarding theory. This makes for a truly educational and fun experience for all.

Full Training (Wayne H. Kiehnau)

All programs are individualized to horse's temperament and needs.

When working with the horses, Wayne establishes trust and confidence, gains acceptance and reinforces the desire to move forward with relaxation through his impeccable timing and knowledge of equine behavior. He allows horses to be horses while encouraging them to accept humans as their lead partner.

All horses are started with ground work (learning their space), some lnging and then long reining, working toward saddling, mounting and riding during their initial assessment. This is individualized to each horse's tolerance. These practices are done with all horses, helping to reinforce the basics of training.

Wayne can also take your horse all the way into the show ring using the same principles and encouraging the same reslts, allowing horses to enjoy the experience. When you are ready to show (and perhaps still a bit nervous), you can show together, keeping the experience pleasant for all.

Haul-in lessons and rides $65 and inclde day stall.

(Partial Training done through private treaty, depending on time and stall availability)

Combined Training (Wayne riding - Owner taking weekly lesson with Gail)

In this program, Gail and Wayne use their combined knowledge to offer you and your horse a well-rounded education. not only do you receive Wayne's expertise working with your horse, you also have Gail mediating. She works with Wayne when he rides to share with him your riding idiosyncrasies and then instructing you, be it on your horse or a lesson horse, to help attain and maintain your riding goals.

The culmination of both used in this arrangement is very helpful for individuals whose horses are being started and who want to stay ahead of them. Also for individuals whose lifestyle is a bit chaotic and their time is limited, yet want to keep their horse conditioned and ready to go when they can. This program can help continue advancement even with your limited time. It helps to prevent back sliding.

Unlike other training arrangements, you have two highly qualified trainers, (not the trainer and one of the associates, usually a student), specializing in their area to offer fresh insights and outlooks for you and your horse's progression.

***Lesson may be on owner's horse or school horse, depending on availability.***